Sunday, 28 February 2010


Iran has issued an ultimatum about its feelings over the naming of the waterway that lies between it and the Gulf States. The aggressive demand stipulates that no airline calls this body of water the Arabian Gulf. If it does, then airplanes are banned from flying over the country.

After hearing the news Body of water herself has decided to make her first ever public appearance. Speaking to reporters who gathered uniformly along its shoreline, she explained that for as long as she can remember she has felt tension among her neighbours. The neighbours that she has come to consider her family. She sensed extreme pressure closing in from both sides for her to pick one over the other. When she remained silent, her family members took it upon themselves to name her, so some called her Arabian Gulf and others named her Persian.

Body of water did not mind having two names, it made her feel unique, special even. After all, no other body of water or ocean for that matter had two names. It shifted, tossed and turned as reporters threw questions at her anxious to hear where she felt she truly belonged.

Body of water spoke softly, reminding the world that in the 80s her issue caused a stir between her neighbours. After much deliberation no official naming had been agreed upon. She kept silent then simply because everyone seemed happy with naming her what they felt she represented to them.

She wondered aloud what difference her name really made? She heard Shakespeare’s Juliet answer her saying “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” And she would be right because her name would not change the fact that she is as old as time, or that she has been the connector who enhanced trade and allowed for the intermingling of cultures. How did she now become a separator? It was definitely not her own ego that caused it.

Feeling uneasy, Body of water rested her palms on the shore in hopes of gaining some balance.  She expressed her fear and sadness at the situation of the world. Her largest family member is facing the United States head on and is suffering from political turmoil. Another is surrounded by political and media attention because a shocking assassination has come to upset its otherwise peaceful climate. Amidst all this, Body of water believes her name is of least importance.  She demanded to just let her be.

As the press conference came to a close Body of water breathed heavily with every ebb and flow and addressed her family directly:

I have been here long before you named me, and will be here long after I have been named. I shall never leave any of you. I remain for no other reason than my love for all of you. Do not let me be the reason you confront each other. After all, I am what I am, just a body of water.

Published in The Gulf Today on the 28th Feb, 2010.

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  1. What a beautiful article...I love the way you express sensitive especially on difficult topics...


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